Dallas Church

450 SE Washington St, Dallas, OR 97338
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Here at Dallas Church we believe that God, the Creator of the whole Universe, is interested in being our Father, our Savior, our friend, and our hope.  God wants to know each of us personally and to work in our lives.  God wants to create something even more amazing that we could ever dream of through His Son, Jesus Christ.  He tells us that we are made in His image and through Jesus Christ, we see how that image is God’s dream for His creation – to be in Christ is to be fully human!  We were made for so much more than our media or culture might lead us to believe!  Followers of Jesus are molded and shaped daily into the image of Christ to make an impact for Him in our world. In addition, we believe that God has a distinctive calling on your life, a specific purpose for you to discover and respond to.  Our mission is simple:  “discovering God’s dream…together.”