Journey Christian Church

1201 Hoselton Rd, Fairbanks, AK 99709
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Derek became a Christian at an early age and rededicated himself to the faith during his years as a business major at Taylor University after a time of searching for logical reasons to believe the Bible’s claims about Jesus Christ. Dellie took a more unique road to faith that requires more than one cup of coffee to tell, but was finally baptized while in graduate school earning her master’s degree in counseling. It was while they were in graduate school at Cincinnati Bible Seminary that they met, fell in love and were married. Derek was working on two degrees in theology and one in education, but more importantly was storing ice cream in Dellie’s freezer just down the hall. They got to know each other over ice cream and the rest is history.

Derek has served as a minister for over 20 years; first in Kentucky and then in Indiana, before leaving the lower 48, moving to Fairbanks and starting Journey in 2004. Dellie worked as a therapist at a hospital for five years and currently has a private practice in Fairbanks as a Licensed Professional Counselor.