A 12 flies high and proud above the Space Needle here in Seattle. Everywhere flags, banners, bumper stickers, jerseys and body art proclaim the significance of the Seahawks’ fans. Coach Pete Carroll said, “the 12th man has an unparalleled impact on game day.”

Like the Seahawks, the CEA depends on committed, passionate supporters willing to make sacrifices and go to extremes in support of their team. We call them partners – and I’d like you to become one. I won’t ask you to have our logo tattooed on your body or scream through a church service until you’re hoarse. But I am asking you give to plant new churches here in the Northwest. If you’re not already part of our team, we need your support now so people can be reached in new places.

Dr. George Johnson
Executive Director

Ways to Support:

1. Make an Online donation today.

2. Mail financial support to: PO Box 92, Edmonds WA 98020. Make checks payable to CEA.

3. Establish a charitable remainder trust or a provision in your personal will in the name of the CEA.

4. Donate frequent flyer miles that can be used by the CEA for church planting related airline travel.