I was wondering….

The topic of church planting might be new to you…. or you may just have some more questions regarding how it works. In our FAQ section we try to answer some of the questions that are commonly asked. If you don’t see your question here, or would like further information, feel free to contact us.

Why start new churches?
The statistics are overwhelming. Nearly 4,000 churches close their doors every year. Not a single county in the US has a higher percentage of churched people than it did a decade ago. Out of 194 nations, only 11 has more unchurched people than the United States and the Pacific Northwest ranks as the US’s most unchurched region. Churches are losing ground – fast. Lost people matter to God and church planting is one of the most effective means of evangelism.

Aren’t new churches competing with existing churches?
This is a common misconception among Christians – especially other leaders. The fact is that in any given community on any weekend if every seat in every church were full, 90% of population would still have no place to attend.

What makes a good church planter?
Good planters are very entrepreneurial with a high tolerance for risk. They are visionary leaders with the ability to clearly communicate. They have many relationships with unchurched people and are filled with a passion for the spiritually lost. More and more church planters are coming from backgrounds other than pastoral ministry.

Do church planters get paid?
Yes!!! Church planters are paid. Their salary is determined in part by their experience and by the cost of living in the area in which they are planting. CEA asks each church planter to help raise one-half of their salary for the first three years. This helps offset the financial burden to a new church.

What’s the process in becoming a church planter?
All church planters are assessed. This includes interviews (by phone and in a formal assessment), reference checks and other testing of a potential planter (and spouse if married). After the assessment, the planter receives hands-on training. It’s not a quick process, but very affirming of the call to plant.

Where does CEA get money to hire church planters and start new churches?
Support comes from many sources including individual donors, contributing churches, tithes from new church plants, partnering organizations and occasionally from personal estates. Through these gifts, CEA is able to multiply each dollar given to six dollars to be used in planting churches.